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A lively territory that welcomes you and reveals itself, offering unique emotions

Tenuta San Lorenzo is located in Novi Ligure, one of the eleven municipalities where Gavi Docg can be produced. All these communes are situated within the “Oltregiogo” area, a historical region that extends between Liguria and the lower Piedmont. Oltregiogo, in ancient times, was formerly under the dominion of Genoa: with some territories, including Novi Ligure, belonging to the Republic of Genoa, while others were directly administered by noble Genoese families A historical region that unites its peoplethrough customs, habits and traditions, including an extraordinary oenological heritage and outstanding gastronomic tradition.

Slow as the time that flows in our cellar, slow like savoring a wine which gives you pleasure,
slow as a journey that leads you to the discovery of our beloved territory, the Oltregiogo.

Ancient flavors
known throughout the world

The ancient roots of this territory and its status as a borderland between Liguria and Piedmont, have made the Oltregiogo a cultural crossroads. The intertwining of different identities has created a vibrant gastronomic culture that pairs perfectly with the area flagship’s wine, the Gavi Docg. For instance, a legend tells that famous Piedmontese “ravioli”, of which there are several versions, were born in Gavi during the Middle Ages. According to this story, the Genoese merchants that travelled with their goods found respite in Gavi at the inn of the innkeeper Raviolo, who refreshed them with a dish of his own invention, which later took the name of its inventor, Raviolo. The "original" recipe for ravioli is now guarded by the Obertengo Order of the Knights of Raviolo and Gavi. Another typical product of the area is "testa in cassetta," a cured meat product that has become a SlowFood presidium. Novi Ligure, on the other hand, is renowned for its corzetti novesi, round and flat pasta made with a wooden stamp on which the coat of arms of the families' district origin was once engraved, and for its high-quality artisanal chocolate.

Culture, landscapes, and nature, a declaration of love for our territory

Just minutes from Tenuta San Lorenzo you will find: the archaeological area of the ancient Roman city of Libarna; the Natural Park of Capanne di Marcarolo with its hiking trails; the majestic Forte di Gavi; the village of Gavi; the Basilica of Santa Maria Maddalena and the Holy Crucifix in Novi Ligure, inside which an ancient wooden group with life-size statues is preserved; and all the other small and characteristic villages of Oltregiogo, each with its own history, anecdotes, and peculiarities. Unique and precious treasures, to be discovered and savored slowly, in order to better understand the local culture, traditions, and admire the amazing landscapes.

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