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Tradition, commitment and passion make unique our work

The passion for winemaking has been passed down for three generations in the Cazzulo family and began in the early 1900s when the grandfather of the current owners, Attilio, started producing wine for the local market. Over the decades, thanks to Attilio's sons, Luigi and Giambattista, the business grew steadily until in 1966, the brothers purchased the current property, Tenuta San Lorenzo, to make the most of their experience as vine growers and winemakers. In these early years, the brothers, along with their wives Delia and Rosa, who work diligently by their side, take care of the vines and start producing Gavi DOCG wine, one of the most famous and acclaimed white wines in the world.

The Cazzulo’s family wine today:
between tradition and contemporaneity

Today, the management of the company is in the hands of Luigi and Giambattista's children, Mirella and Corrado, who, having grown up "with bread and vine", pass on the knowledge and experience of their parents by bringing innovation in agricultural, oenological, and commercial fields. Corrado oversees the vineyards and winemaking, while Mirella takes care of the commercial aspect, events, and hospitality.

Tenuta San Lorenzo
and its passion for Gavi DOCG

The origins of Tenuta San Lorenzo are ancient: the Cazzulo family has recently discovered a precious document of the 17th century real estate registry, kept in the Novi Ligure library, which attests the existence of the property already in the 1600s. At that time, the name of the farm was “Il Grattone” and stood next to the well still existing in the estate’s garden. In this place steeped in history, the Cazzulo’s family produces its Gavi wine, an ancient wine whose production has been attested since 972 AD, to which the DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) was granted in 1974, and then the DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) in 1998. The Gavi Docg production and vinification can only take place within an area encompassing eleven municipalities, including Novi Ligure where our estate is located. Today the farm stretches for 18 hectares, from which we produce wines that are the expression of our territory, such as Gavi Docg, Spumante Brut, Monferrato DOC Dolcetto and Piemonte DOC Barbera.

A long and careful work in order to give birth to unique flavor wines.

Tenuta San Lorenzo and the battle of Novi Ligure (August 15th, 1799)

At the end of the XVIII century, in the Gavi area, and especially the surrounding of Tenuta San Lorenzo, the Battle of Novi Ligure was fought on August 15th, 1799 among the Italian Army, the French troops and the Austro-Russian arms.
Chronicles of that time bear witness that the crucial fights and battles took place in Tenuta San Lorenzo fields and the surroundings areas: the Austro-Russian army victory led in the official retreat of the French troops from the Italian soil.

Surrounded by vineyards and near to Genoa, Milan and Turin.

Tenuta San Lorenzo is nestled in the gentle and sinuous hills cultivated with Cortese grapes, from which Gavi DOCG originates.

The farm is located in a strategic position among Novi Ligure, Serravalle Scrivia and Gavi. Within one hour drive from Genoa, Milan and Turin. The Serravalle Designer Outlet, one the largest luxury shopping center in Europe, is just a 10-minute drive from our estate.

Our wines: