Tradition, folklore and passion are the deep values treasured in the GAVI D.O.C.G. of Tenuta San Lorenzo. A great white wine, with a dry taste and inimitable scent, excellent to taste alongside a wide variety of delicacies.
Cazzulo family’s wine stands out, in the wine scene, for class and elegance thanks to the experience inherent in the processing phases, handed down in the estate for more than 50 years.



The family

The history of Tenuta San Lorenzo began in 1966, when the young brothers – Luigi and Giambattista Cazzulo – bought the current property, in order to improve the activity of winemakers in the world of Gavi wine, immersed in an authentic territory, between golden and sweet grapes hills. So the family began a splendid journey in the fascinating world of wine, changing through passion and technique from generation to generation.

Today, alongside the wisdom of Luigi and Giambattista, there’s the welcoming smile of Mirella and the meticulous practicality of Corrado, who have been managing the family business for a long time and keeping alive a tradition that they have kept in their hearts since childhood.

Historical estate

The origins of Tenuta San Lorenzo are very old: the Cazzulo family has recently discovered a precious document of the 17th century real estate registry, kept inside the Novi library, which attests the existence of the property since 1600.
The farm, then, it was called “Il Gratone” and stood next to the well still existing today in the estate’s garden. (see photo) The company extends over an area of ​​about 18 hectares of vineyard of Cortese grapes for a production GAVI D.O.C.G. at 100%; the estate is distinguished with value on the territory, because it vinifies every single berry owned and bottled only its own harvest using the most modern technologies for soft pressing and refrigeration. Always attentive to news on the market, each processing phase is implemented according to a pre-established plan dictated by the experience and knowledge of the treated product. The Gavi D.O.C.G of Tenuta San Lorenzo is appreciated all over the world, from the United States to Japan up to Northern Europe, especially in Germany, Holland and England.




The Novi battle

The territory of the Gavi, in particular the surroundings of Tenuta San Lorenzo, were the scene of a violent clash better known in history as the Battle of Novi of 15 August 1799.The Italian Army – the French troops under the command of the young commander and strategist Napoleon Bonaparte – clashed with the Austro-Russian army.
The city of Novi was chosen by the French army as headquarters while the fortress of Gavi as a defensive pivot; the troops deployed a total of 34,930 men between infantry and cavalry.
The Imperial Army, on the other hand, deployed a total of 66,840 men and favored the fort of Serravalle as a suitable shelter for their army.
The clashes and decisive battles took place between the Collinetta and Buffalora, the Pomela and the Belvedere: the victory of the Austro-Russian troops led to the official retreat of the French troops from Italian soil.
The Battle of Novi is famous to historians for the violence of the fighting, declaring it as one of the most bloody battles of the Napoleonic era. Today, a model in testimony of the bloody battle is currently preserved in Novi, as property of the municipal administration of Novi Ligure.











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